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Undetected location. NO YES. Global Tectonics, 3rd Edition. Selected type: Paperback.

240 million years ago to 250 million years in the future

Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. The third edition of this widely acclaimed textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of global tectonics, and includes major revisions to reflect the most significant recent advances in the field.

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Table of contents Preface ix Acknowledgments x The geologic timescale and stratigraphic column xi 1 Historical perspective 1 1. New To This Edition Major revisions to this new edition reflect the most significant recent advances in the field, including new and expanded chapters on Precambrian tectonics and the supercontinent cycle, and the implications of plate tectonics for environmental change.

Reviews "Many readers will be familiar with this excellent textbook. Along with such phenomenology the students will gain a clear picture of plate kinematics and the forces that drive such motions.

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Along with it, they will also gain an understanding of the energy balance in the Earth and how it relates to convective flow and plate tectonics, stress and strain and the relation to surface deformation and mantle dynamics. Students will be able to rotate plates on a sphere, analyze heat flow, gravity, seismic and geological data to understand tectonics and dynamics of the Earth.

They will learn to master the necessary software to plot global observations for different map projections and write simple programs to solve geophysical and geological problems.

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