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You got there by practicing. You tried again … you got closer.

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And finally, you got it. Take your determination to reach your goals to school or work, too. Spend an extra hour with your textbook.

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Stay late to put together the best proposal. Think back to your disciplined and perfectionist dance teacher or coach—would she accept anything less than the best? Nope and neither should you when it comes to school work or work projects.

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  • Proofread your paper—twice. Double-check your calculations on your lab report. If a fellow dancer is lagging behind, the whole team is affected, and so is the final product.

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    It is said that whenever two people come into contact, conflict likes to tag along. It is part of human interaction. Most often you cannot control or predict a toe stepping.

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    Never give in. Just learn to get along. Being part of a class full of other people you are made to sharpen your awareness of problems and resolutions. Dancers know their bodies better than anyone else. Regardless of the path taken in life, ballet teaches how to be independent, how to fight for what you want, how to live healthily, and how to be grateful for everything you have. You must be logged in to post a comment. Facebook Instagram Email. Ballet Teaches Life Lessons. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Below are the top 10 life lessons people learnt from their Ballet classes.

    Hard work should be done with a smile. Take a breath to prepare. Respect Respect begins with wearing the required ballet attire, including having the hair properly tied back. Just keep practising.

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    • The only competition is yourself. Everything worth doing takes time.


      Teamwork is just as important as individuality. Lend a hand, take an outstretched one. Toes get stepped on.