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It was such a big responsibility to take charge of my child's education. What if I messed up? Of course, it all worked itself out over time. I figured out how we wanted to do things.

How to Homeschool

I saw the children learning and managed to relax. But not without some initial sleepless nights! So here are the things I wish someone had sat me down and told me when I first began to homeschool. The advice I wish I had been given early on in my homeschooling journey. Your child is your best guide as to what to do next.

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What do they love to do? What aspirations do they have? What would they love to spend hours doing? Asking your children what they want to know is the best way to figure out how to homeschool. Don't rush out and spend a lot of money. It is tempting to think that buying the 'right curriculum' or resource will make it all come together.

But take the time to see what free homeschooling resources are available first - you will be amazed.

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And hopefully inspired. Don't let anyone tell you how to homeschool. There is no 'right way. There are as many ways to do this as there are homeschooled children. Really - you do know best. Find your comfort level. Are there things you feel you MUST cover with your child? Which subjects are you worried about? For homeschooling to feel good you need to find a balance between what YOU need from it - and what your child needs. Take time to de-school.

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Teaching your children isn't about replicating school in your home. If you are full of 'schooly' ideas about what an education is then you need some time off. Immerse yourself in new ideas about education - you may reject them all later, but at least you will be better informed. Try a little encouragement to get you started. Don't go overboard - you will get burnout.

Take things slowly - it isn't a race. If you feel panicky about how much they don't know then remember - they will be learning their whole life long. Whatever your reason, there are many other parents homeschooling for the same ones and a variety of other reasons you may not have even thought about! You may be surprised to learn that there are an estimated 1.

You see, not every homeschool state has requirements that homeschool families must alert the state that they are homeschooling.

100 Tips and Tricks for Homeschooling Moms

Every state has different homeschooling laws and requirements. Either way, you can stop wondering how to homeschool and can instead start the process of homeschooling your child today! Before answering anything else on how do you start homeschooling your child or looking for homeschool programs or even asking about the best homeschooling curriculum like E asy Peasy Homeschool, A llInOneHomeschool, or any other popular program , you need to know this:.

In the United States, every state has different homeschooling laws and you need to be sure that you are compliant with those laws before you even start! Homeschooling in VA is very different than homeschooling in TN, which can both be very different from home education in Florida or Alabama or other states. Some states have very relaxed homeschooling laws and have little to no state reporting requirements. Other states have very stringent homeschooling laws where you may be required to use a specific curriculum or have to follow very specific guidelines. Start by searching the internet for homeschooling laws for your state or country and be sure you have an understanding of them before proceeding to the next step.

You may have this great idea that you want to embark on a homeschooling journey, but have you discussed it with your family? Or, even with your children? A lot of families get their spouse on the same page, but forget to include the children in the homeschool decision. I went through this with my husband.


They may have some questions and concerns and you will want to address those immediately. A big part of family member pushback and not wanting you to homeschool the kids is based on fear and misunderstanding. If your child has been attending public or private school, you will need to alert the school that your child is leaving. In many cases and states, you do not need to reveal to the school that you are now homeschooling your child.

Also, if your child is just starting preschool or kindergarten, you may be required to alert your state that you are homeschooling. Switching a child from traditional school to homeschool can be a confusing time, so you need a transition. Deschooling is used as a transition time between homeschooling and traditional school — and it is a MUST DO for both you and your child! Hopefully, this list will get you started and then as you become more comfortable with the deschooling process, you can add to the list with your own deschooling ideas!

And, maybe he asks to go on a nature hike and journal or draw about spiders in the wild. This an example of unschooling and child-led learning. Some use the rule of thumb of one month of deschooling for every year that the child was in a traditional school setting. Take the cues from your children and begin a homeschooling schedule when they and you are ready. Give them time to decompress and be OK with it! A homeschool curriculum provides all the materials you need to teach a specific subject like math or language arts.

Homeschool curricula can be either print using books, worksheets, etc. One caveat is if you have a curriculum or something specific required by your state. Again, check your state laws! Then, you build learning around that. See the spiders example from 4. If you do a few unit studies like this on different topics, it will help you ease your way into homeschooling. Then, you may want to pick another method or curriculum later once you become more comfortable with homeschooling. Or, you may decide to continue with the unit method or unschooling!

Trust your instincts and be OK with switching things up! It sounds like a ridiculous thing to say with all the anxiety of starting out homeschooling, but if you start out relaxed then your homeschool journey will be much better.

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