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Resource collaborative optimization and management through the Internet of Things. Springer optimization and its applications series by John R. Tam Convergence-order analysis for differential-inequalities-based bounds and relaxations of the solutions of ODEs by Spencer D. Anstreicher Equivalences and differences in conic relaxations of combinatorial quadratic optimization problems by N. Toh Generalized Lagrangian duality for nonconvex polynomial programs with polynomial multipliers by T.

This makes optimization transparent for the user as the corresponding workflow is abstracted from the underlying solver. The approach allows for easy switching between solvers and thus enhances comparability. For more information see the ROI home page. It allows the user to formulate convex optimization problems in a natural way following mathematical convention and DCP rules. The system analyzes the problem, verifies its convexity, converts it into a canonical form, and hands it off to an appropriate solver such as ECOS or SCS to obtain the solution.

CVXR home page. General Purpose Continuous Solvers Package stats offers several general purpose optimization routines. RcppNumerical is a collection of open source libraries for numerical computing and their integration with 'Rcpp'. Package ucminf implements an algorithm of quasi-Newton type for nonlinear unconstrained optimization, combining a trust region with line search approaches. The interface of ucminf is designed for easy interchange with optim. Most internal parameters can be set through the calling interface.

Package dfoptim , for derivative-free optimization procedures, contains quite efficient R implementations of the Nelder-Mead and Hooke-Jeeves algorithms unconstrained and with bounds constraints.

Global optimization

Package Rsolnp provides an implementation of the Augmented Lagrange Multiplier method for solving nonlinear optimization problems with equality and inequality constraints based on code by Y. NlcOptim solves nonlinear optimization problems with linear and nonlinear equality and inequality constraints, implementing a Sequential Quadratic Programming SQP method; accepts the input parameters as a constrained matrix. In package Rdonlp2 see the rmetrics project function donlp2 , a wrapper for the DONLP2 solver, offers the minimization of smooth nonlinear functions and constraints.

DONLP2 can be used freely for any kind of research purposes, otherwise it requires licensing.

BB contains the function spg providing a spectral projected gradient method for large scale optimization with simple constraints. It takes a nonlinear objective function as an argument as well as basic constraints. GrassmannOptim is a package for Grassmann manifold optimization. The implementation uses gradient-based algorithms and embeds a stochastic gradient method for global search. It optimizes real-valued functions over manifolds such as Stiefel, Grassmann, and Symmetric Positive Definite matrices. It uses a "line search" approach via the function multimin.

Several derivative-free optimization algorithms are provided with package minqa ; e. In package trust , a routine with the same name offers local optimization based on the "trust region" approach. The algorithm is optimized for objective functions with sparse Hessians. This makes the algorithm highly scalable and efficient, in terms of both time and memory footprint. Package quantreg contains variations of simplex and of interior point routines nlrq , crq. It provides an interface to L1 regression in the R code of function rq.

International Society of Global Optimization

QP solves quadratic programming problems with linear equality and inequality constraints. The matrix has to be positive definite. The matrix can be positive semidefinite. Dykstra's cyclic projection algorithm for positive definite and semidefinite matrices. The routine allows for a combination of equality and inequality constraints. Package funconstrain on Github implements 35 of the test functions by More, Garbow, and Hillstom, useful for testing unconstrained optimization methods. Least-Squares Problems Function solve.

Package nlsr provides tools for working with nonlinear least-squares problems. Functions nlfb and nlxb are intended to eventually supersede the 'nls ' function in Base R, by applying a variant of the Marquardt procedure for nonlinear least-squares, with bounds constraints and optionally Jacobian described as R functions. It is based on the now-deprecated package nlmrt. Package minpack. Functions for solving quadratic programming problems are also available, which transform such problems into least squares ones first.

Global optimization | Sahinidis

Based on Fortran programs of Lawson and Hanson. Package nnls interfaces the Lawson-Hanson implementation of an algorithm for non-negative least-squares, allowing the combination of non-negative and non-positive constraints. Package bvls interfaces the Stark-Parker implementation of an algorithm for least-squares with upper and lower bounded variables.

Package onls implements orthogonal nonlinear least-squares regression ONLS, a. It contains a number of algorithms to choose from and offers a formula syntax similar to lm.

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Conic and equality constraints can be specified in addition to integer and boolean variable constraints for mixed-integer problems. Includes problems such as the nearest correlation matrix, D-optimal experimental design, Distance Weighted Discrimination, or the maximum cut problem. CSDP is a library of routines that implements a primal-dual barrier method for solving semidefinite programming problems; it is interfaced in the Rcsdp package. DEoptimR provides an implementation of the jDE variant of the differential evolution stochastic algorithm for nonlinear programming problems It allows to handle constraints in a flexible manner.

The CEoptim package implements a cross-entropy optimization technique that can be applied to continuous, discrete, mixed, and constrained optimization problems. GA provides functions for optimization using Genetic Algorithms in both, the continuous and discrete case.

This package allows to run corresponding optimization tasks in parallel. Package genalg contains rbga , an implementation of a genetic algorithm for multi-dimensional function optimization. Machine coded genetic algorithm MCGA provided by package mcga is a tool which solves optimization problems based on byte representation of variables.

A particle swarm optimizer PSO is implemented in package pso , and also in psoptim. Another parallelized implementation of the PSO algorithm can be found in package ppso available from rforge. Package metaheuristicOpt contains implementations of several evolutionary optimization algorithms, such as particle swarm, dragonfly and firefly, sine cosine algorithms and many others. Package ecr provides a framework for building evolutionary algorithms for single- and multi-objective continuous or discrete optimization problems.

Hansen, global optimization procedure using a covariance matrix adapting evolutionary strategy, is implemented in several packages: In packages cmaes and cmaesr , in parma as cmaes , in adagio as pureCMAES , and in rCMA as cmaOptimDP , interfacing Hansen's own Java implementation. Package Rmalschains implements an algorithm family for continuous optimization called memetic algorithms with local search chains MA-LS-Chains. This stochastic optimization method is somewhat similar to genetic algorithms.